Loch Ness Monster ‘bomb’ grounds airline

In a terrible echo of 911 and the 7/7 bombings Inverness Airport became the latest place to be involved in a full scale terrorist alert. A man carrying a bag with a fluffy Nessie in it claimed it was a bomb. The easyJet flight at Inverness was stormed by armed police and the man was taken into custody…Read more in the Daily Record.

This website hopes the idiot involved is given jail time and sued by the airline for the £25,000 they reportedly lost. We’d also encourage every other passenger who lost money to sue him as well. Flying is nerve wracking enough without these fools.

Great Glen earthquake unsettles Loch Ness Monster

On Sunday a major earthquake shook the Great Glen fault near Nessie’s home at Loch Ness. The epicentre of the earthquake was between Loch Eil and Loch Linnhe and police reportedly handled dozens of worried calls. Professor Kettle is among many researchers who beieve that earthquakes may cause a greater number of sightings of the area’s famous plesiosaur.

Join the Loch Ness Monster to protest against mega-pylon disaster in Scotland

Nessie the Loch Ness Monster’s beautiful home is attack from terrible huge steel mega-pylons and 400,000 volt power lines. It will all be buried under concrete and metal and it will be as ugly as hell. Read about it here and come and join the protest march this Saturday, 10th December (gather between 12-1pm at Phipps hall, Beauly). There will be hot chocolate provided afterwards!!!

Official Loch Ness Monster Christmas Lights to be formally switched on

Nessie the Loch Ness Monster has her very own official Christmas lights on Meal Fuar-mhonaidh and this year they will be formally switched on tomorrow, Sunday 4th December. The impressive display consists of a large number of bright lights placed into the shape of a fir tree standing some 60 ft high on the remote mountainside. Beautiful patterns are generated with the lights by a high performance PC and the whole spectacle is visible for many miles – even from the opposite side of Loch Ness! (try driving west along the lower loch side road before Boleskine).