Latest Search for Nessie “is a washout”, according to leading Loch Ness Monster Researcher

Nessie Forces Drone to Retreat At Loch Ness

“Drones, and a hydrophone were going to be used in our attempt to find Nessie this weekend”, Professor Kettle told this Blog. “Unfortunately the weather has been appalling with fog and mist reducing visibility to a few yards and the amount of rain has completely wrecked our world-leading hydrophone deployment”

Professor Kettle was intending to use this weekend as the latest large scale scientific quest to find Nessie but the world famous crytozoological creature does, for now, remain as elusive as ever.

One thought on “Latest Search for Nessie “is a washout”, according to leading Loch Ness Monster Researcher”

  1. I saw something more akin to what Young Charlotte saw who registered her photographic sighting with Cambell this past week. I saw something that looked more like a Plesiosaur. Than what the Asian woman saw. You know, then what the Oriental saw. It was round about six in the morning time, and I spotted like a black hump in the water and then it made an ” S curve ” in the water, going from left ….and then it was turning right again. Then it started to travel across the Loch. Once I figured it was the monster, I went to take a photograph of it. And when I went back to look at it. It had gone behind a tree in camera view. And disappeared! Then a boat went by. I kept watching …and a wake appeared Behind the Boat! It made a ” V shape. ” Like a torpedo. I figured it was “the Monster ” again.
    I kept watching, figuring, if it indeed, Was an Animal of an ” Aquatic Nature, ” It would Still be there!
    And sure enough, as I had surmised…It Surfaced Again. Only this time..where I had Originally saw it. But it put it’s head straight up out of the water. It had like a breaking wave around it as it headed straight through the water. Then something ” Weird ” happened. Something I never expected to see. It moved it’s head up and down like a race horse through the water. Then stood with it’s head straight up! And then started moving in a forwardly fashion again. Till it disappeared behind the tree. I just remember another cruise ship or boat headed in that direction when it disappeared again. It’s the damndest thing I ever saw. Actually.

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