A Bronze Age Cist Burial in Drumnadrochit

The much needed new Medical Centre is finally under construction in Drumnadrochit and they’ve found a Bronze Age burial site! Click below to read the official details here:

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2 thoughts on “A Bronze Age Cist Burial in Drumnadrochit”

  1. I saw something on the live cam, on the 18 th of March. The sighting lasted about 20 minutes. It started out as 3 black dots, then changed to a black line. It went under the water came up,black pole like object came out of the water a few feet. It went back down and a black line came back up . A boat came into view and the object then went under the water. It came back up once more, black hump this time then went under water for the last time. The lake was Flat calm, no waves or wakes, perfect viewing conditions. Who do I talk to about this sighting? I would like to see a copy of the film of this if it is at all possible. Please contact me about this. Thank you.

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