Loch Ness Monster Village To Get New Medical Centre

Drumnadrochit Surgeryby Mikko on Wed 14 Mar 2012 17:22 GMT

Some great news from Drumnadrochit: we are getting a spanking new medical centre to replace the existing surgery on Balmacaan Road which has always been excellent but is now too small to cope with an expanding population and large catchment area.

£1.5 million will be made available over three years starting next year. Read more about it in the Inverness Courier.

Nessie, our famous monster, told this blog that she is delighted at the prospect of even better health care in case she gets poorly. Cryptozoologists and expedition members often put their lives on the line hunting for Nessie and will also benefit from the peace of mind offered by a modern new health facility.

The world’s most expensive public loo? And it’s not by Loch Ness!

by Mikko on Sun 11 Mar 2012 11:33 GMT

Is this the world’s most expensive public loo? It certainly looks like it is Scotland’s!

Britain’s most remote public toilet is under construction on the island of Handa, which is uninhabited and lies within the inner Hebrides off the northwest coast of Sutherland.

Summer on the island sees in excess of 100,000 seabirds, including puffins, guillemots and razorbills. The new WC (or “restroom” – for our American friends) will feature a turf roof, be built from steel to withstand the weather and produce organic compost. It came at a cost of £50,000 but will cater for an amazing number of visitors – 6000 make the trip there each year to see the beautiful scenery and wildlife.

Loch Ness sheep, Mavis and Sheba, sorry to see passing of a comrade

by Mikko on Tue 28 Feb 2012 17:29 GMT
You can often see Mavis and Sheba the world famous Loch Ness Sheep on our
Loch Ness Monster Live Cam. Mavis is the black face sheep and Sheba is of the brown and white patch work Jacob breed.

They were very sorry to learn of a comrade’s sad demise when she fell off a cliff earlier today. Methuselina lived on The Isle of Lewis for twenty five years and eleven months making her the ‘world’s oldest sheep’. Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster is also thought to be very sad.

We are sure you will all agree that both Mavis and Sheba will hopefully live on to break Methuselina’s long life record.

Dom Joly writes about Nessie and us in today’s Independent newspaper

by Mikko on Sun 19 Feb 2012 16:02 GMT
Dom wasn’t too impressed by the rather “dull” Loch Ness monster exhibition he went to see in Drumnadrochit but he was far more excited by the modern, interesting and exciting research into Nessie the Loch Ness Monster that we do here at Nessie on the Net and the Loch Ness LiveCams.”He’s written it up in The Independent – one of the UK’s leading newspapers. Click here to read it online.”

Loch Ness Sheep Cam is back!

by Mikko on Sat 18 Feb 2012 12:00 GMT
Yes folk, it’s official! The Officially Original Loch Ness Live Cam now covers the famous sheep paddock again. Mavis (the black face sheep) and Sheba the patchwork Jacob one are clear to see as they wonder in and out of camera view. Check it out live as you also hunt for Nessie, our famous Loch Ness monster.

TV comedian and writer Dom Joly visits Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster

by Mikko on Sat 18 Feb 2012 11:01 GMT

On 16th February TV comedian and writer Dom Joly paid a visit to our camera site to look for Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster. He’s busy writing a new book about unknown monsters and has travelled to many different countries for his research.

We spent a fascinating morning with him and were very pleased to show off our Officially Original Loch Ness live cams, which are so popular around the world.

You can read about some of Dom’s many exploits here and see some photos from our day soon.


A Loch Ness Monster sized disaster

by Mikko on Sun 12 Feb 2012 18:37 GMT
The Inverness Streetscape Scheme cost £6 million and saw roads, pavements and businesses turned upside down for many long months.

Apparently having badly constructed the whole monstrosity large bits of it now need replacing just months after it was finally finished.

More here – what a calamity!
Inverness Courier

First Loch Ness smoking of the year!

by Mikko on Tue 07 Feb 2012 10:42 GMT

Yup, the weather has been so wonderful here (touch wood) that while Heathrow Airport in London is shut down by ice and snow we were able to smoke the first rainbow trout in our smoke box in the garden! That’s the earliest start in a year ever!

We’ve kept back a small portion to take down the hill and feed to Nessie, our famous Loch Ness monster.

Massive haggis causes Loch Ness Monster terrorist attack scare

by Mikko on Thu 26 Jan 2012 20:15 GMT
A massive haggis arrived at Inverness station on board a train from Kircaldy in Fife and sparked a major incident attended by British transport police. There were fears expressed that it could be a warning of an attack against Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster.More in London’s newspaper The Metro.