Drumnadrochit Car Park says NO!

Drumnadrochit Car Park Fines £20,000
Car Park Fine £20,000

Incredibly, the main car park in Drumnadrochit says NO to everyone. Visitors arriving at the tiny Loch Ness side village are shocked to find a sign threatening them upon entry and quoting fines of £5000 – £20,000 (6000 – 24,000 euro) for leaving litter.

A spokesperson for the silent majority told us they agreed with the principle against littering, as all right-minded people would, but “we think it projects a very negative image when all you see as a first greeting is NO in big bright red letters!”

The Highlands of Scotland Tourist Board was unavailable for comment at time of going to press.

Loch Ness Monster sized Dinosaur Remains Discovered in Beauly

There is tremendous speculation and chatter around Loch Ness as it has been announced that the enormous skeletal remains of a carnivorous dinosaur have been found in Beauly, Ross-shire.

“Beauly is only 10 miles or so from the village of Drumnadrochit on the shores of Loch Ness and the historic discovery of a beast like this – living and hunting nearby further proves that Nessie – the world famous monster – must exist”. We know that the village is full of old dinosaurs from a bygone age that still manage to stalk about causing trouble but this takes us back millions of years into an even more dog-eat-dog jurassic world.

You can read more about this staggering discovery in The Inverness Courier.