Incredible Major New BBC Documentary – Kim Avis – The Real Monster from Loch Ness

Kim Gordon aka Kim Vincent aka Kem Avis-Vincent
Kim Gordon aka Kim Vincent aka Kem Avis-Vincent

BBC Scotland’s “Disclosure” tells the ‘untold story’ of Kim Avis, the Inverness busker and street peddler who attempted to fake his own death in California, USA in a failed attempt to avoid prosecution for rape and other sexual offences back home in Inverness, Scotland.

Viewers in the UK can watch it on on BBC iPlayer here.

Avis fled to the USA and was finally captured by US Marshalls and extradited back to Scotland, where he went on trial at Glasgow High Court. He was found guilty of 14 serious sexual charges on two girls and two women between 2006 and 2017, mainly in Inverness – including at his property called Wolves Den.

Kim Avis was jailed on June 11 2021 and sitting judge Lord Sandison described him as “a controlling and dominant personality”.

High Street, Inverness Scotland
High Street, Inverness Scotland

Kim Avis was a well-known street peddler and busker in Inverness. He was known by at least three names – Kim Gordon, Kim Vincent and Kem Avis-Vincent – and was thought to have located to the Highlands capital “On horseback” in the 1980s.

Initially Avis was reported missing on February 25, 2019. His son (aged 17 at the time) alerted the police after he failed to return from a swim, at Monastery Beach (known as ‘Mortuary Beach’) in California.

More than 30 people hare known to have died at that beach, so Avis was originally treated as a missing person. Local police soon discovered that Avis had failed to appear in court in Scotland to face multiple rape and sexual assault charges.

US Marshalls began a manhunt for the Inverness street peddler, Avis and he was arrested five months later over 1,000 miles away in Colorado Springs, USA. He was then extradited back to Scotland to face trial, conviction and a long prison sentence. As of today, he remains in prison.

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Loch Ness vessels maybe stranded by “biofoul” gluing to the hulls

This is a breaking news story. More soon.

“I’m very concerned that we may experience alien marine microorganisms, plants, algae, or small animals attaching themselves to ships’ hulls navigating through the Caledonian Canal, of which Loch Ness is a major part, from the North Sea or the Atlantic ocean”, Professor Kettle of The

Loch Ness Biofoul
Loch Ness Biofoul

Loch Ness Official Research Programme said.

One of the oldest and most highly respected Nessie monster hunters, Professor Kettle has been maintaining a watching brief on the threats of radiation, Covid, bird flu other toxins that are placing the life of our oldest plesiosaur in great danger. He has promised to continue to analyse core samples.

COVID-19 Fears for Loch Ness Monster

Nessie in Covid-19 Concern

Locals are beginning to fear that novel coronavirus (COVID19) may have infected Nessie and possibly killed the creature(s). No credible sightings of the monster have been made since the lock-down of Scotland began a month ago.

“We know that the Loch Ness Monster is a prehistoric creature and therefore shares DNA with modern birds and animals. In fact, birds are descendants of the dinosaurs and that is why recent outbreaks of Avian Flu have also placed the cryptid at risk”, Professor Kettle – leader of the Loch Ness Investigative Research Project said.

The government has passed laws preventing tourists from visiting the Highlands of Scotland until further notice and all non-essential businesses are closed. All we can do is hope that Nessie is safe and will be seen again soon.

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