Self proclaimed Nessie “experts” quit Drumnadrochit Association in apparent fits of pique

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You really don’t need to make it up in Drumnadrochit, Loch Ness – at  least that is our opinion after reading today’s Daily Telegraph and Inverness Courier newspapers.

In an apparent fit of pique, veteran Loch Ness monster myth “poo pooer” Tony Harmsworth has quit his position as website editor for the Drumnadrochit Chamber of Commerce and Tourist Association. He reportedly did this because fellow association member and long time local tour boat owner & operator George Edwards issued a fierce critique of the long-in-the-tooth (and formally unqualified “naturalist” – a word we can all apply to ourselves by virtue of the fact that we also breathe air)  Adrian Shine’s Loch Ness museum on the A82 Inverness -Fort William road (see the Daily Telegraph report here). According to the Inverness Courier Mr. Shine’s museum has also quit the chamber. It’s all quite tragic but also very funny – seemingly like a Shakespeare / Mr Bean combo farce.

George reckons that the museum may be putting off many visitors by seeking to debunk Nessie and we agree with him. Nessie is an unknown Loch Ness Monster; a cryptozoological beast, the non-existence of which has never been proven and certainly not by hobbying naturalists.

We always suggest people to the area visit the apparently superior and pro Nessie “Nessieland exhibition” which is on  the Beauly & Cannich road (turn out of Drumnadrochit). In our opinion the museum piece on the A82 Inverness – Fort William road  is now way past its best days in both content and presentation and seems not positive about the Nessie myth.

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